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The Week From Hell, MAGA Edition

Don and Mike In Misery

The Four Douchebags of the MAGA Apocalypse

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AI Is Coming

The Bothsides Argument Will Kill Us All

BREAKING RFK Jr's Bad Company

"Before Somebody Steps In"

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Down Goes No Labels

Asking You For A Favor...

Welcome To Ground Zero

You're Being Surveilled

MAGA vs. Media: A Love Story

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The Catalog of Imaginary Demons

Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Our Veterans

The Phantom of Mar-A-Lago

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Trump: Weaker Than He Looks

Trump's Predictable January 6th Rebranding

Donald's Long Con Gets Ugly

Funeral for the GOP

Mike Pence and The German Admiral

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Last Night's Breakdown

The MAGA Mafia's RNC Bust-Out

S is For Simp

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American Carnage II - This Time It's Personal

Nikki Haley Stares In The Abyss

Super Tuesday Cheat Sheet

The GOP's Fraught Political Future

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The Red Court Delays Justice

Donald Trump Should Drop Out

A Lesson In Politics And History

I Join Molly Jong-Fast For Podcast Revels

Children With Chainsaws

Thoughts on a Cross-country Flight

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The Seeds Of Their Destruction

The Rise of Republican Malice

Fred Trump Has A Message for Donald...

The Friday Brief

Putin Murdered Navalny

A New World Order With John Bolton.

Rent Free In Trump’s Brain

Is Nikki Haley The Next Ted Cruz?

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Populism, Power, and the Erosion of Principles

The Breakdown -- Live Tonight at 7pm ET

Border Blame: An Ad

Yesterday was a good day

The Rule of Law Wins One

How Vladimir Putin Took Over The GOP

The Breakdown

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Mike Flynn Sued Me for $10 Million Dollars And Lost.

Trump Decays, Democrats Surge

Flip The Border Narrative

The Dark Shadow Of Trump

The Abuser-In-Chief

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Late Nights With Donald

Two Streaming Shows Tonight!

My speech last week at the MediaPost Marketing Politics Conference

From Right Wing Insider To Outcast

The End of the Beginning of 2024

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You CAN Beat Trump In Court

So God Made A Dictator

What To Expect Out of Iowa

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Hope Is Not A Strategy

Rep. Jamie Raskin Fights for The Constitution.

They Tried To Kill Us Last Night

Another Sham Impeachment

Well, duh.

The Prisoners of January 6th

The MAGA Church

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The Only Easy Day

My Podcast With Kara Swisher